Balloon Dream Meanings
To see balloons in your dream indicate declining hopes and disappointments in your search for love.
A situation in your life will take a turn downward.
Balloons also represent arrogance and an inflated opinion of yourself.
To dream that you or someone is blowing up a balloon represents your aspirations, goals and ambitions. You are experiencing renewed hope.
To see black balloons in your dream symbolizes depression, especially if the balloons are descending.
To see an ascending balloon in your dream signifies frustrating conditions in your life in which you are seeking to rise above. You are expressing a desire to escape.
On a positive note, balloons symbolize celebration and festivities. You need to acknowledge your inner child.
To see a balloon pop in your dream symbolizes an unrealized goal or dream. It may also represent the stresses in your life. The pressure may be starting to be too great for you to bear.
To see or dream that you are in a hot air balloon suggests that it is time to overcome your depression.
The dream may be a metaphor indicating that you are losing your ground or your foothold on some situation/problem.

Alternatively, it represents the process of individuation and your quest to fulfill some spiritual needs. You feel the need to be elevated in someone's eyes.
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