Money Dream Meanings
To see or win money in your dream indicates that success and prosperity is within your reach.
Money represents confidence, self-worth, success, or values. You have much belief in yourself.
Alternatively, dreaming about money refers to your attitudes about love and matters of the heart. It is a common symbol for sexuality and power.
In particular, finding money indicates your quest for love or for power.
To dream that you lose money suggests that you are lacking ambition, power and self-esteem. You are experiencing unhappiness and setbacks in your waking life. You may also be feeling weak, vulnerable, and out of control in your waking life.
To give or spend money in your dream is analogous to giving love. You are looking for love.
To see others giving money away suggests that you are feeling ignored, overlooked or neglected. Someone is not paying enough attention and showing enough affection toward you.
If you are hogging or hoarding money, then it denotes insecurity or selfishness.
To dream that you have no money indicates a fear of losing your place in the world. You are lacking the abilities needed to achieve some desired goal. If you are borrowing money in your dream, then it suggests that you are overextending your resources. You are spreading yourself too thin.
To dream that you steal money forewarns that you are in danger. You need to be more cautious.

On a positive note, the dream indicates that you are finally going after what you want in life.
Alternatively, stealing money means that you are lacking love. You are desperate to be accepted.
To dream that you receive the wrong amount of change depends on whether you were shortchanged or not. If you were shortchanged, then it is analogous to low self-esteem issues. You feel unworthy.
If you receive more change than you were due, then it signifies your inflated ego. You feel entitled to certain things.
Dreaming of money with blood on it means that you are achieving certain gains at the expense of someone else's livelihood. Your dream may indicate your guilt about accepting something that you know was wrong.

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