Feet Dream Meanings
To see your own feet in your dream symbolizes your foundation, stability and sense of understanding.
It signifies your need to be more practical and sensible. Keep both feet on the ground.
Alternatively, feet represents mobility, independence and freedom. Perhaps you have taken a step in the right direction and are contemplating your goals or your next step.
The sole of the foot may be a pun of being or feeling like the sole or only support of some person or situation.
Consider also the idiom of putting your foot in your mouth.
To dream that you are washing your feet indicates that others can easily take advantage of you.
For Christians, washing your feet symbolizes forgiveness and compassion. If someone is kissing your feet, then it symbolizes humbleness, humility, or devotion.
To dream that you have smelly feet implies that you need to be careful about your next step
If you dream that someone is smelling your feet, then it means that someone is paying attention to the steps that you are taking.
To smell someone else's feet in your dream suggests that you are following someone else's path in life instead of paving your own path.

The notion of smelling feet may also carry the same interpretation of kissing feet, depending on the context of the dream.
To see only the feet being chased in your dream suggests that you are letting others determine where you go or decide on your goals. You are lacking control over the direction of your own life.
Dreaming about other people's feet implies that you are too concerned with where people are going and where they are headed.
Alternatively, to see someone else's feet in your dream represents your admiration for this person.

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