Eye Color Dream Meanings
If you dream that your eye colour is different from the colour in real life, then it signifies how you really feel about something.
It may also imply that you need a fresh, new perspective on some issue. You are stuck at looking things the same way.
To dream that your pupils are red symbolize excitement, energy, power, or anger.
Negatively, it also suggests that some negative or evil force has taken over you; you are going on the wrong path.
Dreaming that your eyes are brown indicates that you are withdrawn. It also suggests that you need to be more compassionate.
If they are green, then it indicates that you are reacting to things with an envious or monetary mindset. You are being too self-centered.
Dreaming that you have hazel eyes indicates that you are feeling overwhelmed. You may be taking on too many responsibilities.
To dream that you have blue eyes suggests that you are overly emotional. It may also be telling you to be more sympathetic
If you dream that your eyes are black, then it means that are indifferent or emotionless.
To dream of golden or yellow eyes refers to health concerns.

Dreaming of gray eyes mean that you are indecisive about something.
Dreaming that each of your eyes are of different colours mean that you are accepting of different or diverging views.
To dream that your eye colour is rubbing off means that your view or understanding of some situation is wrong. Perhaps you are being mislead.
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