Dreams Dream Meanings
To dream that you are dreaming or daydreaming signifies your emotional state.
You are excessively worried and fearful about a situation or circumstance that you are going through.
Dreaming that you are dreaming also serves as a layer of protection from what you are feeling.
The dream within a dream allows you to experience certain difficult feelings that may otherwise be too painful to confront if you were directly dreaming the scenario.
Trending Dreams
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Asphalt Dreams
Locket Dreams
Song Dreams
Adamant Dreams
Shrine Dreams
Award Dreams
Load Dreams
Couple Dreams
Paralyzed Dreams
Fly Dreams
Dust Dreams
Telescope Dreams
Gravel Dreams
Novel Dreams
Spiral Dreams
Playground Dreams
Dressing Room Dreams
Coat Dreams
Polyester Dreams
Treason Dreams
Earplugs Dreams
Bowl Dreams
Tape Dreams
Aborigine Dreams
Elopement Dreams
Shipwreck Dreams
Groundhog Dreams
Announcer Dreams
Alchemy Dreams
Exhausted Dreams
Cadaver Dreams
Baby Carriage Dreams
Clay Dreams
Lens Dreams
Androids Dreams
Pet Food Dreams
Lemon Dreams
Backbone Dreams
Nap Dreams
Sensuality Dreams
Emery Board Dreams
Carp Dreams
Toupee Dreams
Immunity Dreams
Deflate Dreams
Pail Dreams
Lawyer Dreams
Tank Car Dreams
Bookmark Dreams
Spark Dreams
Smog Dreams
Fancy Dreams
Skating Dreams
Jail Dreams
Semen Dreams
Corkscrew Dreams
Arc Dreams
Blurry Dreams
Plug Dreams
Calamari Dreams
Wander Dreams
Shapes Dreams
Sticker Dreams
Firewood Dreams
Weed Dreams
Mother Of Pearl Dreams
Thumbtack Dreams
Snowsuit Dreams
Whiplash Dreams
Landau Dreams
Breast Feeding Dreams
Hammer Dreams
Robin Hood Dreams
Mispronounce Dreams
Tool Belt Dreams
Shy Dreams
Fitting Room Dreams
Stiletto Dreams
Weta Dreams
Reenactment Dreams
Anubis Dreams
Fishnet Stockings Dreams
Fingernails Dreams
Platinum Dreams
Sunflower Dreams
Necktie Dreams
Waif Model Dreams
Electrocution Dreams
Country Club Dreams
Silly String Dreams
Mirror Room Dreams
Gnome Dreams
Competition Dreams
Pall Dreams
Claustrophobia Dreams
Statistics Dreams
Toilet Dreams
Ram Dreams
America Dreams
Collections Dreams