Digging Dream Meanings
To dream that you are digging indicates that you are working hard to uncover the truth in a problem that is haunting you.
You are overly preoccupied with trying to find out something about yourself, your reputation, or your self-identity.
Alternatively, the dream suggests that you are trying to get to the root of some issue.
Or the dream may be a metaphor to imply an insult.
To dream that you dig a hole and find something may be a pun that you dig something, as in you like it or appreciate it.
Or it may also refer to someone that you might be digging or like.
Alternatively, the dream suggests that you need to be more open minded and welcome new ideas.
To dream that you dig a hole and fill it with water denotes that no matter how hard you try, your efforts will not sway things your way. You need to learn to compromise.
To dream that you are digging for mollusks refer to qualities within yourself that are yielding and can be changed.
Dreaming of digging for plastic goods refer to qualities within yourself that are unchangeable.
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