Dad Dream Meanings
To see your dad in your dream symbolizes authority and protection.
It suggests that you need to be more self-reliant.
Consider also your waking relationship with your dad and how aspects of his character may be incorporated within yourself.
To dream that your father is dead forewarns that you need to proceed with caution in conducting some business matter.
To see your dad wrapped in bandages from head to toe suggests that you are feeling restricted or limited with your authority. Perhaps you are being put in charge of something but can't exercise your power.
To dream that you are hitting your dad represents a desperate need for greater closeness with your father. You feel that he is not listening to you.
In particular, if you are hitting your dad with a rubber object indicates that whatever you are doing or telling him has no significant effect on him. Things literally just bounce off him.
Conversely, if you dream that your dad is the one beating you, then it implies a lack of emotional connection with your father.
To dream that your dad is angry at you indicates that you are doing something that he may disapprove. The dream may also be a projection of your own anger towards him. There are some unresolved issues that need to be worked out.
To dream that your dad has a girlfriend or mistress, even though he is still married to your mother implies that you are feeling disconnected with one of your parents.

The dream may also be a commentary on your own views of marriage.

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