Collision Dream Meanings
To dream that you are in a car collision indicates that your beliefs, lifestyle, or goals are clashing with another's.
It may also represent a shocking situation or painful experience.
Alternatively, car crashes may forewarn of your dangerous or careless driving habits.
In particular, if a car collides with you, then it suggests that your lifestyle, beliefs or goals may be in conflict with another's.
It may also be symbolic of a jolting experience or injured pride.
To dream that a plane crashes signifies that you have set overly high and unrealistic goals for yourself.
You are in danger of having those goals come crashing down.
Alternatively, the dream represents your lack of confidence, self-defeating attitude and self-doubt.
You do not believe in your own ability to achieve those goals.
Loss of power and uncertainty in achieving your goals are also signified.

To wake up before you collide in your dream may simply be the anticipation of the collision that jolts you awake.
It is similar to the notion of waking up before you hit the ground from a fall.

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