Clock Dream Meanings
To see a clock in your dream signifies the importance of time in some waking situation.
You may be feeling some anxiety of not being on top of things. Your mind may be preoccupied with a deadline that you have to meet or some other time-sensitive issue. It is time for you to tread on and speed up your actions.
If the clock is chiming, then it suggests that time is running out.
Alternatively, clocks symbolize the ticking of the human heart and thus is indicative of the emotional side of your life.
If the clock has stopped, then it signifies death. This is a common theme for the terminally ill or the dying.
Consider the time shown on the clock and determine the significance of the numerals or of the time.
To dream that the time on a clock is moving or speeding out of control symbolizes some overwhelming task or emotion that you are going through in your waking life. Time is not on your side.
To dream that a clock is moving backwards parallels the way that your life is going. Instead of moving forward and progressing toward your goals, you feel that you have not made any significant accomplishments. You feel you are stuck in a rut.
To dream that you are winding or setting a clock suggests that you need to put more effort toward a task in order to obtain the desired result or outcome.
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